Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF) in collaboration with KKT under support from Operation Bootstrap Africa (OBA) has facilitated construction of dining hall for pupils at Mlinwa primary school. The dining hall will help pupils to get lunch and other conference activities comfortably during school hours. Providing food to pupils will improve learning and teaching activities and bring positive results particularly in education performance.
CDTF supervised construction of dining hall with capacity to accommodate 150 pupils. Upon completion of the dining hall constructed in 2019, an inauguration ceremony was held on 12th July 2019 and attended by Honorable Mwita Waitara, Deputy Minister of State Region Administration and Local Government.
During his speech, various education stakeholders were invited   to organize debates and  discuss why people contributes large amount of money in wedding celebrations which elapse for hours rather than development issues like CDTF and KKKT displayed. Mr. Henry Mgingi, The Executive Director of CDTF gave many thanks to all stakeholders who participated for completion of the project and showed appreciation to OBA for their support to Mlinwa primary school pupils and communities.
Looking into the future, CDTF requested support from OBA and other stakeholders to continue support education sector including construction and rehabilitation of classrooms, houses for teachers and dining halls in order to improve education standards in Tanzania.

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