People in rural communities are likely to be the most severely affected by climate change impacts and yet they are often the least equipped to cope and adapt to these changes. Through community-based adaptation approaches, communities are empowered adequately use their own knowledge and decision-making processes to act on climate change.

From 2017, CDTF has been supporting people in rural communities to increase their awareness and knowledge on climate change adaptation and mitigation through several projects including planting trees at bare land and farms. In collaboration with villagers, local authorities and schools in Mgeta and Bunduki ward in Mvomero District, CDTF has supported Maguruwe primary school in Maguruwe village in Bunduki ward and two groups namely Sanaa na Maendeleo Mgeta and Tujikomboe wanawake with materials and tools to establish tree nursery garden in Kibaoni village in Mgeta ward with the aim of raising tree seeds for planting in bare lands and adjacent to river.

This initiative contributes to conservation of biodiversity, forest resources to communities adjacent to Uluguru Mountains. Uluguru Mountains constitute eastern arc mountains which are biodiversity rich and are source of water for millions of people in Morogoro, Dar Es Salaam and coastal regions in Tanzania. 

In September 2019, CDTF staff fielded Kibaoni village in Mgeta ward, Mvomero District to see progress made and challenges communities in the village are facing.

Meeting with community groups

CDTF managed to meet representatives from five (5) groups namely Sanaa na Uhamasisahji Maendeleao Mgeta, Mzinga group, Chapakazi group, Wanawake tukomboane and Tuinuke whereas as discussion on environment and their activities discussed.

Community groups members pointed out benefits they are gaining which includes: – Skills on the establishing and managing tree nursery garden, Participating in environment conservation and meeting with various people who inspired them to manage tree nursery garden, Sanaa na Uhamasiahaji Maendelea Mgeta and Tuinuke Group planted 1200 trees in their farm and gave 1500 trees to Mgeta secondary school.

Challenges they are facing including some of trees failed to grow, inadequate of working tools and equipment, lack of reasonable market, decay of vegetable during growing and dead of small livestock especially hen

Meeting with Mgeta Secondary School

Mgeta Secondary School is located at Kibaoni village in Mgeta ward in Mvomero distrtict. The school collaborates with community and CDTF to conserve environment through various activities. School environmental club under the guardian of Teacher Nuru Mdigo managed to receive and planted more than 4000 trees and fruit trees in bare land.

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